ChiliPAC is now available also on Evergreen Catalogs

ChiliPAC, provided by ChiliFresh Enterprises, Inc., is now available also on Evergreen online catalogs thus making it one of the world’s most wide-spread organic reader advisory platforms. With this, ChiliPAC is available on the four most commonly used library platforms for Public and Academic libraries in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe: Polaris, Encore, Enterprise and Evergreen.

ChiliPAC integrates with the existing library’s catalog by providing powerful features that empower library’s staff and engage readers. Through the ChiliPAC solution, library patrons can create book lists and bookshelves and share them with other readers globally; each of them also has a customized user profile and they receive book recommendations based on their reading interests. And finally, both library staff members and patrons can create book reviews and rate books thus building a strong readers’ community.

First Evergreen implementation of ChiliPAC was done for PaILS libraries with rolling it out to their more than 100 member libraries at once in September 2021. In case of PaILS libraries, ChiliPAC was released with a custom design that completely changed library catalog layout and each of the libraries have separate entry points and individualized design.

All of the ChiliPAC integration and implementation work was done by ChiliPAC development team free of charge requiring PaILS libraries support staff involvement only in custom design development and informing and training the staff in cooperation with ChiliFresh.

Scott Johnson, President and CEO of ChiliFresh says: “ChiliPAC is a customised solution that we develop and continuously upgrade based on the libraries' suggestions and needs and the latest trends in the market. As an example, in June we launched a new feature such as Reader Reviews & Ratings dashboard widget that libraries can place on their catalogs. This feature will help readers to see the list of most highly rated books or books with the most reviews and that way discover interesting new reads, as well as see their own review and rating activity and allow sharing it online with their friends.”

About ChiliFresh Enterprises, Inc.:
ChiliFresh mission is to change the way people interact with libraries and to help libraries remain the center of their community in this digital age. ChiliFresh Enterprises, Inc. has been enhancing Library Catalogs around the world for more than 10 years. In 2018, ChiliFresh introduced ChiliPAC, a truly interactive platform connecting local readers with the global community at large, all based on literacy interest and habits. ChiliPAC works with a library’s existing catalog but integrates bookshelves and booklists directly into the search results, further connecting people on a global scale.