ChiliFresh Enterprises, Inc. (Chilifresh) is one of the leading catalog enhancement product providers headquartered in North America. We have been in the library business since 2007. ChiliFresh was the first company to create a crowd-sourced reviews and ratings platform that integrates into library catalogs. Following a successful rollout of the Patron Book Review Engine, it became obvious that libraries could benefit from other platforms to further enhance the online catalog to encourage community participation.

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Our mission 

To improve library online catalogs - the primary online presence - user-friendly and better usable for library staff and patrons to find the information and materials patrons are really looking for.

Our vision

We serve library patrons through libraries to provide best tools and additional information for reader advisory. That way embracing knowledge sharing, analyzing user activity and connecting the library users worldwide

Our core values

  • Innovation - all of our solutions have been first-of-its-kind to the library market
  • Usability - we develop our products intuitive to our users and easy to integrated for the libraries
  • Privacy - we do not collect or store any privately identifiable information about our users
  • Support - we get issues resolved as fast as possible and we add feature requests with wide usage at no additional cost

Our customers

ChiliFresh library solutions are used in more than 1000 library locations around the world. Most of ChiliFresh customers are in United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Absolute majority of our content is in English, but we also support any other languages.

We have different types of library customers. Our largest group of customers are public libraries and public library consortia, but we also have a number of academic and school libraries, corporate and specialty libraries.

You can look at examples of our library solution implementations in How it works section. If you require customer references for your specific type of library and catalog using our solutions, please contact us.

We provide special features and customizations for each of the groups.

Our library solutions

Our library solution offering has grown and been developed based on our customer feedback and feature requests. We do not charge any fees for new implementing features if they can be used by other library customers. ChiliFresh Cover art was added in 2013 starting from the scratch. ChiliFresh Connections (predecessor of ChiliPAC) came in 2013. ChiliFresh Mobile apps were released in 2015. ChiliPAC was created in 2017 as a special project with Brooklyn Public Libraries. Then we have expanded its integrations from initial Innovative Encore to add also Innovative Polaris, SirsiDynix Enterprise and Evergreen catalogs.

Please learn more about technical aspects and our way of working on our Library solutions page.

Customer support

We are praised among our customers about our customer support - we respond to support requests switfly (latest within 24 hours). We find and implement solutions to customer requests as soon as possible.