ChiliFresh Cover art provides graphic images of books, eBooks, music, movies and other audiovisual material for your catalog. Cover images are displayed in search results, item details pages and elsewhere in your library's catalog. Most library catalogs have standard integration for that.

You get a Free 30-day trial with no strings attached. After that should you wish to proceed, ChiliFresh Cover art comes at a flat rate for your library's catalog - contact us for quote.


See How Cover art works?

Largest collection of book and audiovisiual material cover images

With 30+ millions of digital Book Jacket Cover Art graphics in our collection, there is no better way to cover your collection than with ChiliFresh Book Jacket Cover Art. We gather images from multiple sources for your catalog.

Upload your own cover art to your catalog

We have a mechanism that allows you to upload book jackets that you have scanned in. We know that there are items in your collection that will NEVER have a digital image. Examples are rare items, local authors as well as specific items you are lending from your catalog - iPads, game consoles, video players, etc. You can scan it in and upload to us and it will appear in your catalog.

All types of catalog items are covered

Our average coverage for libraries is usually around 90% of your collection. However, we will “create” a Book Jacket for every item that doesn’t have one. It looks like a book, with the title at the top and author at the bottom. This makes your catalog look much more complete. And as soon as we retrieve actual cover art image for the item, it will be replaced.

To improve coverage, we take additional measures of data processing. We process your library's bibliographic collection data to match item identifiers your library has in records to our global database of records. That way we are matching and displaying images that would not otherwise be triggered and displayed.

Coverage estimation report

We do not leave you guessing - upon request, we will provide you a detailed report of what exact percentage and specifically which items are covered by ChiliFresh Cover art images. The analysis is done based on ISBN, UPC, OCLC or other identifiers. In order to do that, we need an export of your MARC bibliographic collection data. We can either retrieve the data automatically using Innovative Sierra API or Polaris API, or we will provide you means to upload the data for us. Once we receive the data, we will provide you with a report within 3 business days free of charge. Please Contact us if you require an coverage estimation report of your collection.

Usage analytics

You get detailed analytics of your catalog activity from cover art displays. There are many data elements available such as how many covers have been requested from your user activity in your catalog, how many of them were covered by an actual cover image and which are the most popular items in your catalog.

Cover art analytics screen


It is really easy to implement and try out ChiliFresh Cover art in your catalog:

  • Sign up for ChiliFresh - you will get confirmation e-mail with further instructions
  • Go to your catalog's Control panel and add ChiliFresh Cover art source URL in settings
  • White-listing: add catalog and website URL where the Cover art will be displayed to ChiliFresh Admin panel

How ChiliFresh Cover art works?

ChiliFresh Cover art can be used in any library online catalog, see ChiliFresh Cover art in action in few of the catalogs:

Finally, we will include Book Jacket Cover Art at no charge when you subscribe to ChiliPAC (our exciting Enhanced Discovery platform). You can also get Book Jackets without a ChiliPAC Subscription for a very low price. Send us a note and we can show you how you can save money with ChiliFresh Book Jacket Cover Art by clicking here: Contact us