ChiliFresh approach

Our mission is to serve library patrons through libraries to provide best tools and additional information for reader advisory by embracing knowledge sharing, analyzing user activity and connecting the library users worldwide.

We are known for thinking outside-the-box and providing innovative library solutions being first-of-the-kind in the market. ChiliFresh was the first company to create a crowd-sourced reviews and ratings platform that integrates into library catalogs. Following a successful rollout of the Patron Book Review Engine, it became obvious that libraries could benefit from other platforms to further enhance the online catalog to encourage community participation.

All of our library solutions and their functionality as available for implementation into library catalogs and websites using well-documented APIs (application programming interfaces):

That way our customer libraries and vendors can use ChiliFresh data for integration into their own custom catalog or website projects or use within mobile apps or other vendor services.

All of our library solutions are available with SSO (single sign-on) as well as with separate user accounts. User privacy is our highest priority. Therefore we do not collect any user-identifiable information in either case.

Our library solutions are available as SaaS (software as a service) in high-availability mode. Our servers are behind strong security layers. We employ rapid development and releases of new features as soon as they are ready. That way we do not require any manual updates in your library catalog.

Our library solutions integrate with catalog vendor APIs. Integration examples are SirsiDynix WebService, Innovative's Sierra API and Polaris API and Evergreen native APIs. Therefore we have minimized library staff manual involvement in managing ChiliFresh solutions to the absolute minimum.

Our content is mostly in English as majority of our library customers are in North America, Australia & New Zealand, but we support content in any of the languages.


We are here to help you create the impact for your users and staff with our library solutions in your catalog!