Are you looking for innovative ways to engage your library users and promote a love for reading within your community? Creating shareable booklists is a powerful tool that can enhance user interaction, improve catalog usability, and foster a stronger sense of community within your library. In this blog series, we will delve into the importance of shareable booklists and explore the best practices for curating and promoting them. With the introduction of ChiliPAC by ChiliFresh, libraries now have an advanced tool at their disposal. ChiliPAC transforms your library catalog into a dynamic, interactive platform, enabling users to discover everything linked to the catalog, including what others are reading, saying, and sharing related to their searches.

Understanding the Importance of Shareable Booklists

Shareable booklists are an essential tool for libraries looking to increase user engagement and provide a more interactive experience for their patrons. By curating and sharing booklists on various platforms, libraries can reach a wider audience and attract new members to their community. This not only helps in promoting the library's collection but also encourages readers to explore new genres and authors they may not have otherwise considered. ChiliPAC enriches this experience by offering access to over 35,000 public booklists created by library staff and patrons around the world, which your staff and users can browse, search, and reuse.

Tools and Platforms for Creating Shareable Booklists

Creating shareable booklists has never been easier or more exciting, thanks to ChiliPAC. This tool is integrated directly into your library's catalog system, allowing for seamless creation, sharing, and customization of booklists. With features such as Netflix-like readers' advisory, BookTok and social media tools for libraries, and privacy controls, ChiliPAC is designed to meet the modern library's needs. Moreover, its responsive design and QR code sharing capabilities make accessing booklists convenient for users on any device.

Best Practices for Curating Shareable Booklists

When curating shareable booklists, it's important to consider diversity and inclusion, organizing books by genre or theme, and involving the community in the curation process. ChiliPAC supports these best practices by facilitating the addition of both catalog items and external URLs to booklists, encouraging user-generated content through easy-to-use interfaces, and enabling staff and patrons to showcase their expertise and interests.

Optimizing SEO for Shareable Booklists

To increase the visibility of your shareable booklists, optimizing SEO is crucial. ChiliPAC assists in this endeavor by enabling the use of relevant keywords and meta descriptions for booklists, enhancing their discoverability online. Additionally, leveraging ChiliPAC's social media sharing capabilities can further increase your booklists' reach and impact, driving more traffic to your library's website.

Measuring the Impact of Shareable Booklists

With ChiliPAC, libraries can easily track the performance of their shareable booklists through detailed analytics, gaining insights into user engagement, website traffic, and the overall impact of their booklists. This data can inform future strategies and help libraries tailor their offerings to meet their community's needs more effectively.


ChiliPAC by ChiliFresh enhances library engagement by providing an advanced platform for creating, sharing, and discovering booklists. With over 35,000 public booklists, social media integration, and comprehensive analytics, ChiliPAC enables libraries to engage their community more effectively and tailor offerings to their audience's preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How does ChiliPAC improve the creation and sharing of booklists?

    • ChiliPAC simplifies booklist creation and sharing with its extensive public booklist database, social media integration, and user-friendly interface.
  2. Can ChiliPAC booklists include external resources?

    • Yes, users can add items from both the catalog and external URLs, enriching the diversity and scope of booklists.
  3. How does ChiliPAC support library engagement?

    • Through features like responsive design, QR code sharing, and analytics, ChiliPAC supports libraries in engaging their communities digitally and tracking the impact of their efforts.
  4. What makes ChiliPAC unique for library catalogs?

    • ChiliPAC's integration of social media tools, personalized recommendations, and the ability to engage users in booklist creation and sharing sets it apart, making library catalogs more interactive and user-friendly.