Your first question may be whether or not ChiliFresh products will work in your specific catalog. The simple answer is “Yes”. We have developed ChiliFresh at such a basic level so it can integrate into virtually any ILS system. We have created implementations for most of the major ILSs and we are committed to making this available for every library’s catalog.

If we have not created an implementation for your particular ILS, we’d love to hear from you and would love to create the implementation for your online catalog. Drop us a note!


The real genius of ChiliFresh is its collaborative nature. As a subscriber to ChiliFresh, you don’t need to rely exclusively on the reviews and other content written by your patrons, but you can decide to display (or not) the reviews and social content written by a myriad libraries.

The fact is, not every patron will write a review for every book they read. If they did, your local reviews would swell in numbers very quickly. But reality is, while almost everyone enjoys the benefit of reading reviews to make a decision for their their next read, not all will “tell the world” how they liked the book. And beyond the Review functionality, ChiliFresh brings the whole world of interactivity into your online catalog.

Flexibility is also a hallmark of ChiliFresh. You can decide to display content just from your library or you may want to include social content and reviews from patrons ONLY from your state or region,… or like most libraries, you will see the benefit of displaying content from patrons from a global community.


The flexibility of ChiliFresh allows you to make your online reviews and social content look EXACTLY like your existing catalog. You can match font types, sizes, colors and weights as well as set any background colors and images. In short, when you subscribe, ChiliFresh “disappears” and becomes an invisible partner that provides a tremendous value with true global interactivity.